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Trust pervades nearly every aspect of our daily lives. It’s fundamentally important in the healthy functioning of all of our relationships with others. Trust the hands on your face.

I’ve worked in the medical aesthetic and laser field for many years, treating men and women who trusted me with several intense and invasive treatments, strong medical peels and rejuvenating laser treatments. I achieved my certification as an Advanced Permanent Makeup professional in 2009 by two of the most well-known instructors in Scottsdale. Having worked among doctors and in a medical setting assures my extreme cautiousness with hygiene, sanitation, and sterilization methods to ensure the quality of service being provided.

Microblading and Nano-blading are semi-permanent makeup

to enhance the shape and look of brows giving them the most natural look, whether they already exist on the face or not due to over-plucking or a medical problem. The application is meant to last for a couple of years or so because the pigment is being deposited in the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis) and due to the natural cell turnover in this layer, the skin is constantly shedding dead skin along with it the pigment. The epidermis varies in thickness from one individual to another based on their age, and genetics.

Many talented artists are performing Microblading procedures, but do they know the skin well? Are they able to foretell the type or thickness of skin they’re working with? That’s a question every client needs to ask and investigate before committing to the procedure. If the blade penetrates the skin too deep, the pigment WILL migrate and create a permanent puddle rather than a crisp semi-permanent natural hair lookalike stroke. Fortunately, being an aesthetician who has worked on many skin types over the years has earned me the knowledge and confidence in how exactly the work needs to be done to achieve effective results and happy clients.

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Trust Guidelines

Key Factors for Choosing an Artist

Here are the important details to look for before choosing your Microblading artist:
I'm a woman just like any woman out there who's looking for the best for our precious face. I understand the trust factor plays a big role into whom we choose to get treated by, whether it’s Botox, Fillers, surgery, etc. We strive for the best out there to look our best and feel our best! Trust me I am there with you!
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