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Experience and Expertise

Eveline Benjamin, the founder of Brow Me Pretty Studio & Academy, has led the semi-permanent makeup industry since 2009, gaining respect for her innovative microblading techniques. As an advanced permanent makeup professional, Eveline’s work is recognized both nationally and internationally.

Her commitment to natural beauty and ethical practices has driven her to establish an academy, where she trains future experts. With a focus on detail and skill, Eveline’s unique approach has set a high standard in the semi-permanent makeup field.


Before and After Transformations

Discover the stunning results achieved at Brow Me Pretty. See how our microblading and semi-permanent makeup services create beautiful, natural-looking changes for our clients.

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Why Choose Us?

When it comes to semi-permanent makeup, precision and expertise are crucial. At Brow Me Pretty, we offer a blend of experience, artistry, and trust. Here's why you should choose us for your beauty transformation.
Training Opportunities

Learn Semi-Permanent Makeup Techniques

Transform your career with comprehensive training in microblading and Soft Tap shading techniques. Our courses offer hands-on learning to help you excel in the PMU industry.

Microblading Training

Learn the art of creating natural-looking eyebrows with hair-like strokes.

Hyperrealistic Brow Training

Master the finer technique for Hyperrealistic Nano/Micro combo semi-permanent eyebrow design.

Soft Powder Brow Training

Discover shading methods to create soft and fuller eyebrow appearances.

Ombré Powder Brow Training

Gain expertise in gradient shading for a subtle and blended brow effect.

Micro-Shading Combo Training

Combine microblading and shading techniques to achieve unique, customized eyebrow results.

Words from Students

“To begin with, I can't emphasize enough how incredibly amazing Eveline is as an instructor and as a PMU artist. I was very nervous at first, but Eveline completely boosted my confidence, she made sure I understood ... more"
Ellie A


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Stay informed with the latest trends and insights in semi-permanent makeup. Our blog features expert tips, beauty advice, and inspiring stories to keep you updated.
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