Microblading Training Academy

Microblading Training Academy

Academy Training

Scottsdale, Az Microblading | Shading Training

Microblading | Hyperrealistic Brows| Soft Tap Manual Shading
(MicroShading | Ombré | Soft Powder Brow)

3 – 5 Full Days Of In-Person Live Training
Become A Certified Microblading Expert Today And Reap The Endless Rewards Year After Year! Enroll Today!


Eveline Benjamin

Experience the ultimate training opportunity in Scottsdale, AZ with master artist Eveline Benjamin, the visionary behind BROW ME PRETTY Studio & Academy and the author of  “Microblading & Nano-Blading Comprehensive Training Manual”! Our unique master course offers 5 essential techniques in one comprehensive program, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge to excel in the world of semi-permanent makeup.

During our intensive training, you’ll receive personalized instruction, including one-two full day of private, one-on-one hands-on training with live models. Dive into the intricacies of Microblading, Hyperrealistic Brows, and Soft-Tap manual Shading including (Micro-shading | Ombré |Soft powder brows under the guidance of an industry-leading expert, mastering techniques refined through Eveline’s extensive experience and thousands of successful procedures.

As Arizona moves towards regulating and establishing prequalification requirements for microblading practitioners, now is the perfect time to seize this opportunity and secure your future in the industry. By joining our program, you’ll be grandfathered into the system, ensuring you’re ahead of the curve when regulations are implemented.

Don’t miss out on this chance to transform your career and become a respected professional in the field of semi-permanent makeup. Schedule your free consultation today to explore the industry landscape, profit margins, and business growth opportunities. Plus, take advantage of our flexible payment plans with 0% interest for up to 12 months, making your training journey more accessible and affordable.

Semi-Permanent makeup is such a great business, we have no doubt you will love it! It is one of the most in-demand beauty services around the world! All women want beautiful brows and we as qualified artists are here to help them.


Master Artist | Master Instructor | Author | Aesthetician
17 years of experience in the
beauty industry

brow me pretty

Microblading & Shading Classes

Send your inquiry to  info@browmeprettyacademy.com   (Student’s Email Only)

Small classes & limited seats per class, secure your spot today!
(All courses are eligible for financing)

Our 5 Day course and 3 Day course are divided into two sections.

1. The training manual will be mailed to students once enrolled to pre-study, thereafter, the theory portion and practice will be classroom-based in a group setting.
2. In practical class, each student will get exclusive one-on-one live model private hands-on training (NOT a group hands-on training) under instructor supervision throughout all procedures, to ensure your excellent continual performance in the field. Hands-on training is the most crucial part of any given course in the PMU industry.
Our Comprehensive Master Class includes 2 days of hands-on training (Initial procedures followed by 6-week touch-up hands-on training)
to learn how to assess healed results & adjust the application. A total of 4 hands-on live model procedure training.

A non-refundable deposit is required upon registration and will be subtracted from the full tuition amount due once fully enrolled in the course.

Microblading Training

Course Curriculum

• Microblading | Nano-Blade technique • Basic shading technique • Skin Structure • Contraindications • Skin Types • Skin Undertone • Color Theory • Pigment Knowledge • Color Correction • Blade Knowledge • Choosing the right blade • Stroke technique (Pressure. Angel. Depth) • Measurements & Mapping • Stretching Technique • Stroke flow • Brow design • Consultation • Tools overview • Procedure step-by-step • Healing Stages • Aftercare • Touch-up procedure • Bloodborne pathogens • OSHA Sterilizations & Sanitation Requirements • Business Licensing • Liability insurance • Procedure forms • Business growth • Marketing • Exclusive one full day per student one-on-one hand-on training • Theory exam.

Course Includes

Brow Me Pretty Academy Training Manual Book • Your choice of NO kit • Deluxe starter kit for up to 60+ clients • Master Starter kit up to 115+ clients  Certificate of completion • Lifetime support • Practice Book & Materials • 2 live model hands-on training

2 Courses in 1

3 Day Training
Course Dates

March 18th 2024 | May 13th 2024 | July 8th 2024 | September 2nd 2024 | October 28th 2024 | Request Private Training at no extra charge.

Comprehensive Master Class Course

Course Curriculum

Total of 5 Techniques Microblading technique  Hyperrealistic brow (Micro/Nano/2 color) combo technique • Soft Tap Manual Shading techniques including Micro-Shading | Ombré | Soft Powder Brows • Brow mapping including Alopecia clients’ special measurement technique • Skin functions • Contraindications (Skin diseases & Medical Health conditions) • Skin undertone • Fitzpatrick scale • Skin types • Color theory • Pigment knowledge • Organic pigments VS in-organic pigments • Hybrid pigments • Color correction • Blade knowledge • How to choose the right blade • Numbing • Blade pressure/ Angel/ Depth • Patterns vs natural stroke flow • Stretching technique • Facial structure and shapes • How to work and fix Asymmetrical brows • Brow design & style • Consultation • Forms • Tools knowledge • Procedure step by step • Combining blades (Micro.Nano.Shading) • Healing stages • Touch-ups • Aftercare • BloodBorne pathogens • Sterilizations & Sanitation • OSHA requirements & regulations • Business start-up & success • Tips and secrets • Marketing • The importance of social media • Liability insurance • MSDS • Theory exam • Two live models (Exclusive two full days per student of one-on-one hands-on training, including initial touch-up training).

Course Includes

• Brow Me Pretty Academy Training Manual • Certification • Lifetime support • Your choice of NO kit | Deluxe kit serves up to 60+ clients | Master kit full supplies for up to 115+ clients including ( FADE 8 pigment collection) • Practice book & materials • Total of 4 one-on-one hands-on procedure training including the 6-week touch-up.

Master Class
3 Courses In 1

5 Day Training
$7,500 $4,995
Course Dates

February 19th 2024| April 15th 2024 | June 10th 2024 | August 5th 2024 | September 30th 2024 |Request Private Training at no extra charge.

Skill training

For pre-certified artists

Class can include

• Live model hands-on practice • Mapping • Depth & Angel practice • Natural stroke flow • Stroke connecting • Choosing the right blade to create a natural looking brows • Challenging brows • Overall skill enhancement • One year support • Certificate of continual education (No kit included)

1 Day Skill class dates

Based on availability upon request
Contact Brow Me Pretty
Academy To schedule your class

Skill Training

1 Day Class

This class is designed to provide additional support and training for pre-certified artists who may feel uncertain or lack confidence due to limited or no live model hands-on training where they were originally certified. The focus of this class is overall skill enhancement & boosting confidence.

Optional Kit Choices 

• Master Kits   $650

• Deluxe Kits   $400

• No Kits

Not ready to enroll yet? Purchase my book, and if you later decide to enroll, the cost of the book will be deducted from your tuition fee.”Microblading Training Manual now available on Amazon

Academy Course Details

Request More Information

Contact us with any questions , or request a phone or in person consultation with instructor.
Brow Me Pretty Academy

Course Registration & Enrollment

• All students must complete the enrollment process, submit the required documents, and pay the full tuition fee no later than 2-weeks after registration to guarantee their seat in the class due to the limited seats available per class. The deposit is required upon registration (non-refundable).

• Enrollment is on a first-come first-served basis, and class sizes are small to ensure effective learning. Must be fully enrolled 3 weeks before the class start date if any seats are still available to get student kit & certificate ready and on time for the class.

• 1 Day Class students must email a copy of their original certification issued by their previous academy to be accepted for the class.

• Tuition financing is available through Cherry. Financing and/or payment transactions are solely and directly between you and Cherry Technologies, Inc. or Square Financial Service. (Brow Me Pretty Academy holds itself free from obtaining or gathering credit/debit cards or financial account information for liability purposes.)

• Upon registration, you will be emailed the enrollment form and course attendance requirements. You must complete the enrollment form and email it back to info@browmeprettyacademy.com within two weeks of registration



Course Requirements

  • Bloodborne Pathogen Certification is required to proceed with the training, must be valid and emailed to info@browmeprettyacademy.com along with your full name, at least two weeks prior to the class date. Please follow this link to obtain your certification. https://www.bloodbornepathogentraining.com.
  • Students are required to provide their models for their hands-on training, 1 to 2 models. If you are unable to provide one, please notify me at least a couple of weeks before the class as I might be able to help provide a model for you, however, I cannot guarantee that each or any student will have a model provided by the academy.
  • The academy reserves the right to reschedule a class in the event of very unlikely but possible unforeseen and/or unexpected emergencies.
  • Out of Arizona state students must check their state regulation and licensing. Check with your home state’s Health Department to understand your legal PMU requirements.
  • Students should maintain up-to-date contact information with the academy for communication purposes.
  • Brow Me Pretty Academy will conduct its courses in Scottsdale, Arizona. Students traveling for the course, please do not make any arrangements until one week before the class date.
  • Students must attend the class dressed in black scrubs.
Payment Methods

& Payment Plans

Credit/debit card, Zelle, Cash, or finance your education with Cherry, we offer flexible financing options for all of our courses with 0% APR for up to 12 months – pay.withcherry.com/browmepretty

Get pre-approved for up to $10,000 today!

Pay using Cherry in 2 simple steps:
  1. Apply with pay.withcherry.com/browmepretty to see how much you’re approved for. Don’t forget to provide your bank debit card for the initial payment!
  2. Choose the Cherry payment plan that works for you. 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months 0% APR is available for these plans.
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