new and brighter

Eveline Benjamin, owner and founder of Brow Me Pretty Studio & Academy, stands at the forefront of the semi-permanent makeup industry. As a seasoned medical aesthetician since 2007 and advanced permanent makeup professional since 2009, Eveline has become a revered figure in both the application and educational realms of permanent makeup. Her distinctive and authentic natural Microblading technique has garnered attention not only from clients across the United States but internationally.

Driven by a passion to enhance natural beauty and boost self-confidence, Eveline's journey in the beauty sector led her to develop and refine unique eyebrow techniques that harmonize with individual facial features. Her commitment to ethical practice and quality education prompted the establishment of her academy, aimed at nurturing skilled and ethical artists in the microblading and semi-permanent field.

Eveline's academy is a testament to her dedication to excellence, offering in-depth training that spans from foundational to advanced microblading techniques. her hands-on, detail-oriented teaching approach ensures that students are well-equipped to excel in the competitive beauty industry. As a trusted Microblading artist, Eveline continues to impress with her outstanding results, embodying her belief in the transformative power of beauty and education.